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لكل اسم قصة، فلنتعرف معا على شخصيات مختلفة ونحاول ان نكرر الاسئلة والاجوبة التي نستطيع من خلالها التوصل الى فكرة لا بأس بها عن شخص ما



Hello, this is Amal. I'm the Manager of  (Young Mutanabi Center) for children. I was born in Hilla and raised in Baghdad.

father and daughter.jpg

The Changs

This is the Chang family. the father, Liu and his Daughter Tanya, come from China. they currently live in Austria.

Liu is a Sales Manager, and Tanya is only ten.


Ms. Svensson

This is Ms Birgit Svensson. She is a freelance Journalist. She worked in Iraq since 2003. She wrote a book on Iraq in German.



This is Mustafa, He's a Technical trainer. he currently lives in Baghdad. he works on developing websites.



This is Saad Mohsin, He is an Iraqi Actor. he shared the starring role with the Iraqi Actress Alaa Hussain in the play ( Interview).  It was a two-day success!



Charlie Chaplin was an English Comedian and film producer. he was born in 1889 and died in 1977. when he died, he was eighty eight years old.

بعد أن تتعرف على المعلومات الاساسية لشخص ما، كالاسم والعمر والوظيفة او العمل هنالك الكثير لنتعلمه من الاخرين وخير ما يمكننا ان نستخدمه للتوصل الى المعلومة هي مجموعة أدوات الاستفهام

Question words أدوات الاستفهام

What  ماذا؟ ما هو؟ 

Where   أين؟ 

When   متى؟

Why     لماذا؟

Who      مَن؟

How    كيف؟

Urban Life  حياة المدينة 

Noura lives in a city.

she lives in Baghdad

but, she loves to visit me on the farm.

No friends  بلا أصدقاء

Nadia is eleven years old.

 She is always alone.

She has no friends.

She is very shy.

My hobby  هوايتي

Hi! I'm Sarmad

I love to walk.

I love walking

I want to see every place in the city!

my feet are sore!

This is Allawy  هذا علاوي

Allawy works every day.

He lives in a tent.

He came to a child center.

He loves to draw.

He loves drawing and playing.

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