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هنا نتعرف على الأسماء التي زيّنت صفحات الانسانية في مجالات مختلفة

تابع قراءة المقاطع وحاول استخراج معاني الكلمات المظللة للاجابة على الاسئلة

Rifaat Chaderchi

(6 December 1926 – 10 April 2020) was an Iraqi architect, photographer, author and activist. He was often referred to as the father of modern Iraqi architecture, having designed more than 100 buildings across the nation.

Chadirji's early works were firmly grounded in the discourse being conducted by members of the Baghdad Modern Art Group, including sculptors Jawad Saleem and Mohammed Ghani Hikmat, and artist-intellectualShakir Hassan Al Said. His designs relied on abstracting the concepts and elements of traditional buildings, and reconstructing them in contemporary forms.



Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative

The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) is dedicated to bringing together Iraqi and international civil societies through concrete actions to build together another Iraq, with peace and Human Rights for all.

Another Iraq is possible, the activists believe. Aged between 17 and 29 years old, they are members of various civil society organizations (CSOs). Their goal? To defend the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and the Mesopotamian marshes they irrigate, and to avoid regional conflicts over water. Climate change, drought, lack of internal water policies and the construction of upstream dams, such as the Ilisu Dam in Turkey and Daryan Dam in Iran, are some of the most pressing threats.


Hanaa Malallah

Hanaa Malallah (born 1958) is an Iraqi artist and educator living in London, England. She is noted for developing the technique called the Ruins Technique in which found objects are incorporated into artwork.

As a female artist and professor of art, working in Iraq in the 70s and 80s, she received a number of threats against her life. For this reason, she felt that she had no choice but to leave Iraq and accept a new life outside her native land. In 2006, she left Iraq to take up a fellowship in Paris. She ultimately settled in London from 2007. However, she has said that she feels spiritually depleted living outside Iraq.


Iraqi Women football team

The Iraqi women’s football team made headlines in the country last year by playing their first ever competitive match. The Lionesses participated in the Asian qualifiers in Jordan and finished bottom of their group. Despite the heavy defeats, it still marked a significant step in Iraqi women’s football and was the first time they took to the field in six years.

I’m Naba Ameer Shakir from Babil, I’ve previously played for Beladi, Imam Al-Muttaqeen and Al-Hilla, and now I’m with Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya. I play as a defender in both futsal and football.

Being a female sportsperson in Iraq can be very difficult; with very little interest and support it is extremely difficult for them to see football as anything other than a hobby. However, Naba aspires to break the trend and become Iraq’s first pro female football player.

nabaa ameer.jpg

والآن فلنحاول ملء الفراغات او الاجابة عن الاسئلة الاتية بالكلمات المظللة بالمقاطع أعلاه

السلايد الأول

appetizers come in




shapes and colors

الاجابة في بداية السلايد القادم

 ملاحظة: يهدف المستوى المتقدم الى زيادة اعتماد الطالب على نفسه من خلال البحث عن المرادفات والمعاني وهذا الاسلوب يعزز ذاكرة الطالب ويمكن التواصل مع المدرس مباشرة من خلال  تطبيق المحادثة في الجانب الايمن اسفل الصفحة او التراسل عبر ملء الاستمارة في ادناه

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